About Me

Working in AI solutions to healthcare issues and 3D Data analysis to preserve historial artefacts

My Passion

Working in field that promote explainable AI for good, e.g. healthcare and historical preservation. I ensure all my works repoducable by releasing codes on to Github.

Some of my interest are:

  • AI for good with exlainability
  • Game Development
  • Software useability and repoducability
  • Healthcare research
  • Computer vision

My Skills

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Deep Learning

Using artificial neural network for an array of tasks with explainable results.

Education and Workshops

Working with students and none experts to help them complete tasks with explainable results.

Research publications

Continuing to contribute to knowledge with peer reviewed papers and reviewing.

Industry collaboration

Working with companies to produce novel and useful technologies.

Technical Skills

Strong programming background working in games technologies, so I am familiar with languages like C# and C++. Inaddtion to game engines like Unity and Unreal.

I work heavily in Deep learning AI for a wide range of tasks, such as health acre ad 3D image processing.

90% Complete
Python 90%
80% Complete (success)
C++ 80%
90% Complete (info)
Java 90%
80% Complete (warning)
C# 80%


A collection of previosu projects and workshops I have worked on.



Lecturer in Computer Graphics

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Research Assocaite

Machine Learning

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PhD Student

Deep learning for 3D facial landmarking

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Summer Intern

Kinect One data processing

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Undergrad Student

Computer Games Technology

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